onsdag 15. august 2012


 Anne og jeg tok oss en liten kajakktur for å se nærmere på steinkobbene som nyter strandlivet på Prins Heinrichøyene ved Ny-Ålesund. Grått vær, men blidt møte med fargerike, sosiale skapninger...
A foggy, calm morning...
Harbour seals
 Anne and me visiting harbour seals resting on the beach at the Prins Heinrich islands close to Ny-Ålesund. Curious, social creatures!

Seals resting on the beach
We scared them all out in the sea ;-(

But does Anne look scary? No, I don't believe so?
I think she's all right!
Or maybe not?
Nah, she looks OK

Probably just a girl from town...
We'll hang around and see...
Yah, she's fine

Let's go back on the rock!
You first!
No space for more, it's all mine!
This funny big white one comming around...
I still feel kind of safe...
No gun, only a camera. I'll wag my tale!

Ahh, enough for now...
You want more show?

I can nearly rise out of the water!

And almost sniff my nose on your kayak..!
And climb the beach again...

Don't disturb the beach party! Four youngsters only!

You should go back to town..!

OK, we'll leave you in peace...

Just a couple more pic's and we'll go!

OK, one more show and then you'll go!
Some stone posing...!

Ain't I nice?

Look even better from this side, I believe...

Now I want some seaweed!
Your time is up, mate!

Show is over, if you don't leave now, I'll jump!

Back to the ice...

And the birds....

And the kayaks...
And the disturbing boats.... ;-)

And head back to work.. Takk for turen, Anne!! ;-)

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herrlig historie!
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