lørdag 7. mai 2011

Våt dag

A wet day
Sunday 1st of May was a wet day. It was this typical GREY day with low clouds and mild weather - with snow changing into slush, ponds on the road and drizzle in the air. A perfect day for swim!?! Jaja, everythins is wet anyway. And there is nothing better to do in this weather! After dinner Christian walked down to the harbour with a towel in his bag. Of course we had to join him...
Getting ready!
Våt dag
Mildt og grått på 1. mai. Tja, hva er mer fornuftig enn å ta et bad? Våt blir man jo uansett...
Thomas and Christian ready for action
Divin' in!
The girls getting ready. "You can leave your hat on, dududududu..."
....You can leave your hat on!"
"Breath.... just breath..."
Refreshed Linda
Happy Catty
Warm water is not so bad either...
(Synkronsvømming alene??)
The ducks love it too!

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Dere er friskuser,altså! Det må jeg si