fredag 10. september 2010

Familiar faces

"Old" Familiar Faces!

The other day Lance came along with a bunch of old friends. Fun to see them all again! For an hour they strolled through town; shopping and meeting old colleagues in the Mess. They are all the "same old people" - but we realized that we all have gained a lot of hair!

Long hair Peter has finished his thesys and will defend it in Germany soon...

Micha has moved to Bæærgen!

Both Daniel and Malin lives in Tromsø. Daniel has hair & beard and lives in a cabin. Malin is still drawing Polar Bears and funny small creatures living in the sea....

You can read more about their scientific work and the "ICE-tokt" journey at Lance on this webpage and on the nice blog made by Sylvi Inez Liljegren:

Nice to see you all again!

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