fredag 4. november 2011

Bremen Bravo

The gangsters of Bremen greeted me at Bremen Hauptbahnhof. With a helium unicorn, of course...
The backpacker had to store her luggage before we could go to the fair. That's fare!
Wandering through the fair - new people and games everywhere.
A mixture of funny smells - and many greetings to tell.
Soon a rollercoaster ride! Then glüwein, drink and drive.
Medieval Mess in town,
fireshow and then home.
Dinner at Duygus place - belly full of grace.
Christian had to go, we could walk also.
Thank you Duygu and Christian!

The backpacker and her unicorn
The Bremen gangsters

Fair it's fare!
A rollercoaster ride!

Glüwein and stories to tell

Drink and drive!

What a ride...

Too much...

The tourist!

Bremen town musicians

The leather man...

Fire show

Halloween pumpkin dish

Christian back to Bremerhafen
Nice town...

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